The Most Reliable Non-surgical Hair Replacement System Supplier

How To Oder

You can find some popular designs today and many pictures of hair replacement systems we custom made for clients who have special requirements, Every single specification of hair system can be customized according to your special instruction.

There are 3 easy ways to custom make your own hair system quickly:

- Send your old spare hair system for duplication (Recommended)

You can require changes on new system, for example, increasing grey hair percentage, change density level, match mailed new color sample or template ...etc.




- Send color sample and/or template to match

1. Send your color sample and/or template to us by Express (Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT is recommended)

2. Let us know your requirements about hair length, density, wave size, hair color... base size, etc by email. 



- Telling us your requirements by email directly

If you don't have sample to mail, just tell us your requirements by email, done! Please see our custom made option chart below for reference.